3 Simple and Beautiful Best Friend Gift Ideas

Best friends are one of the most important people in our life. We can be our real self in front of them without any pretence; we do not need to list down fun things to do with friends as there mere company itself is fun. We need to keep our precious possessions, called friends, happy by appreciating them for being there with us in all our ups and downs and for accepting us the way we are. Thus, we need to give them gifts, which convey our emotions and feelings towards them.

However, finding apt gifts for best friends is not a very easy task as it seems. When you sit down to chalk out your own personalised list of Best friend gift ideas, you will be stuck on the first gift idea for a long time. Ideal personalised gifts for best friends should be original and should convey how much they mean to you and how much you care for them.

Simple but effective Best Friend Gifts Ideas:
1.An Inspiring Bracelet or a Lucky Charm: First observe what kind of jewellery your friend prefers. Then find a good artisan that is well known for charms or bracelets. Come up with a good inspirational quote. You can either create your own quote, or borrow a quote from your friend’s favourite author or from the Bible if your friend is spiritual or his/her personal motto.

While going in for a lucky charm think of all the little good things you associate with that friend and come up with a design.
2.A Photo Album or Collage Work: This is one of my personal favourite, as this is something your friends will cherish even after years of your last meeting, and especially in old age. This is no ordinary photo album. Buy a nice photo album and fill it with your personal and must cherished photographs with your friends. If possible write the details of the photographs, like the date when they were clicked, your age at that time, occasion, etc. Write a personal heart touching message for each photograph.

Alternatively, you can gather all old photographs, greeting cards, personal notes, concert, or movie tickets which you shared, etc and make a beautiful collage out of them. Fill in your personal messages, details of the pictures and other stuff in between the collage to make it more interesting and appealing.
3.Knit a Scarf or a Blanket: If you can knit then knit a scarf, or a muffler or a small blanket for your best friend. This promotional gifts will symbolise the warmth of your affection and care towards your friend and will keep them warm and snug with your love in the chilly winters. Your friends can turn to them in bad days for comfort, when you’re supportive and caressing shoulder is not available.

The above mentioned list of some simple but heart warming gift ideas are ideal to be gifted to your best friends on special occasions. These gifts will make them feel special and convey your feelings.

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